Attention Health Practitioners: How To Assess Complex Digestive Issues With Paint By Numbers Simplicity & Get To The Root Cause Of Your Clients Ailments Every Time.

This Live Masterclass Will Give You The Roadmap To Confidently Treat Every Digestive Order With Authority In Your Practice.

One Of The World’s Leading Authorities Lays Out The Fundamentals In This Sure To Be Booked Out Sought After Live One Day Event – Claim Your Seat Today!

From the practice of Brett Hawes, 

Uxbridge, Ontario. L9P1L3

Dear Fellow Holistic Health Practitioner,

Having the confidence & self-belief to accurately evaluate complex digestive issues every single time forms the bedrock of any thriving holistic health practice.

Knowing the root causes and having the tell tale health indicators at your fingertips means never needing to reinvent the wheel in your business… 

… and it means getting the best results for your clients. 

I understand you want the very best for everyone walking through your door, but without getting results reliably, repeat business and referrals will be few and far between… 

… and business will be stagnant at best, but more than likely be on the decline and that’s no way to run a successful practice. 

The only way to continue to do your very best work is to build a thriving health enterprise…

… and this is only done by consistently taking a client centric focus and always being obsessively results focused… 

… profiting first in your practice means you are in pole position and able to run a better business and a have a calendar full of appointments.

Simply by being able to evaluate issues more accurately, your practice will grow profitably and you will help more people and make more money…

… taking away any uncertainty.

Who am I to tell you about any of this in your business you ask? Well in case you’re not 100% sure of who I am, please let me introduce myself.

My name is Brett,

By successfully helping 1000’s of my clients overcome a wide variety of health, I have built a results-oriented, wait-listed practice that serves people from around the world. My areas of specialty include complex and chronic digestive issues, autoimmune disease and hormone imbalance.

Having being mentored by some of the greatest minds in holistic health care, plus years of intensive clinical experience, led to a lead faculty position at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition for 12 years where I taught graduate practitioners the fundamentals of clinical nutrition, nutritional symptomatology and nutrition and the environment

Founding my online membership and education platform, ‘Holistic Health Masterclass’, hosting my highly reviewed Holistic Health Masterclass Podcast, and developing the popular practitioner program, ‘Mastering the Art of The Solo Practitioner’ has given me the unique opportunity to train, teach and help practitioners from all walks to successfully build world-class practices  


The exact same way I have helped 100’s of other health practitioners from all parts of the world to navigate the business of holistic health.

A comprehensive step by step ‘guide’ through the fundamentals of the most common digestive issues and how to simply and effectively pinpoint them with 100% accuracy every time…

… the benchmark and the building blocks of razor sharp client evaluation.

A formula for better detection, better results, return clients, repeat business, referral after referral and in turn a thriving holistic health business.


Digestive Health – The Practitioners Guide

How to heal chronic and complex digestive issues in practice without reinventing the wheel

A live masterclass event to be held on the 20th Of July 2019 at Nature’s Emporium, 16655 Yonge ST, Newmarket, ON. From 9AM – 5PM

Why is this event called ‘The Practitioners Guide’?

  • It really is a guide, a road map that navigates you from A – Z of the most common digestion issues and how you can easily detect them.
  • This really is about never needing to reinvent the wheel, about being comfortable with getting to the root cause of every one of your client’s concerns.
  • Learn in an engaging environment about how to expertly reference these conditions, build rapport and repeat business.

So What Can You expect From This Sought After Intensive One Day Of Learning?

A deep dive into the most common digestive complaints and a thorough understanding of how to make accurate evaluations of each clients individual needs.

… root cause detection, making it easier and simpler to have delighted clients.

An immersive but entertaining 1 day of learning with fellow health practitioners.

An opportunity for you to make lifelong connections with other game-changing practitioners in an ever growing health space that’s really effecting change for millions of people in the world…

… and I have already taken all your notes for you.

You’ll get your very own copy on the day…

…this 80 page reference manual is your guide. It represents 15 years of my expansive career, bound into a useful book that will be ever present in your practice.

My past students have said there copies are dog eared and scrawled full of texts and notes and also always within arms reach.

Whilst not a tome, it is nonetheless a gold standard.

  • Discover fully referenced protocols and guidelines for the 15 most common digestive disorders including amongst others, GERD & Acid Reflux, Ulcers, Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhea, IBS, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis & many more…
  • Never be in the dark with the go-to reference for supplements with indicative dosages and brand names
  • The need-to-know detailed food list corresponding with each disorder a client might have
  • Black & white no-nonsense recommendations for functional lab tests for each possible condition
  • The right way to approach standard detection methods for your clients
  • Your own written knowledge base on drug treatments and nutrient depletion
  • PLUS — Done-for-you meal plans ready to be handed out to your clients

All of this will be delivered in a highly structured immersive one day live event. 

All resources ready for you, so all you need to do is listen, engage and learn.

PLUS — Secure Exclusive Access To The Entire Event Recording By Taking Action Today.

…plus, with a live recording available after the event, you can rest assured knowing that you can easily trawl over the bits you feel you may have missed out on or that were of particular interest.

Be at your attentive best, get involved, ask the right questions in the moment and enjoy yourself… 

… and go back and double check everything you feel you may have missed out on.

Every last bit, secured for you on the free recording, if you enrol today.

This is a one-stop-shop event, it will bring crystal clarity and confidence to your client detection and evaluation and be the ‘hockey stick’ pike to your practice’s bottom line.

…but, there is more.


Bonus #1

Access to Holistic Health Clinician’s Corner.

If you purchase your seat today… you will secure 1 year to my premium membership ‘Holistic Health Clinician’s Corner’

Some of my best work, live Q&As, and webinars and benefit from the growing community in this diverse online learning portal.

Whenever you might be faced with crossroads or uncertainty in your health practice, rest assured you’re a question or community post away from the solution.

Learning in large numbers means never walking this path alone…

Bonus #2

Enroll today and secure…

The HHM Therapeutic Dosage Guide to Vitamins, Minerals & Nutraceuticals

This resource booklet is jam-packed full of over 600 nutraceuticals all with different forms and recommended dosage.

… whether it’s herbs, nutrients or niche superfoods, this guide will provide you with crystal clear dosing guidelines.

PLUS — I’ll also throw these extra 2 bonuses in today for all the early action takers…

… enrol today and secure your extra bonuses.

Bonus #3

HHM Body Systems and Functional Food Chart 

With a printable wall chart covering the 11 major body systems and the nutrients they require.

The key foods needed for healing each of these major body systems, the essential minerals needed, what vitamins are vital to these systems’ performance as well as guides to many important herbs and superfoods.

Bonus #4

The Practitioners Guide to Balancing Blood Sugar – Effective Management of Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

Up to 75% of all your clients will have blood sugar issues and that is what makes having access to this extra bonus essential.

This bonus reference guide is loaded with information… 

Discover the road from hypoglycemia to diabetes along with the signs and symptoms to be wary of in your practice even before a client knows any signs are showing

See how medicine and pharma views and treats blood sugar issues. 

You’ll also find out about the 3 main drivers behind ALL blood sugar disturbances, all the core nutrient deficiencies and… 

the ‘all new’ diabetes diet, going way beyond keto without all the restrictions, this one thing makes this bonus the game changer

See how your clients can combat the side effects of living with diabetes and oxidative stress and get the go-to supplements that addresses All areas of blood sugar management, not enough people are talking about this and this bonus shows you all.



I have decided to give you the most generous conditional satisfaction guarantee possible…

…Basically this means, you risk ABSOLUTELY NOTHING by jumping in right now and joining me for this phenomenal one day event.

Here’s how the conditional satisfaction guarantee works:

  1. Enrol for the one day Digestive Health – The Practitioners Guide workshop
  2. Attend on the day and secure all your bonuses plus the recordings
  3. Apply what you have learnt from the masterclass and at least one of the bonuses for the next 30 days in your practice
  4. If after applying all you have learnt and the teachings from at least one of the free bonuses you can reasonably demonstrate to me that this guide did nothing to increase results within your practice, simply get in touch with me and my team and we will issue a prompt refund…

We believe this to be exceptionally generous and we know that you will be nothing but 100% delighted with your results…

… but in the event that you are not, and you can reasonably demonstrate to us how you implemented the teachings, there will be no quibble, no fuss, no foul.

… and you know what, if you do seek a refund you need to return nothing, simply keep the bonuses, they’ll be on us. 

This is one of my premium one day event masterclasses and I have put everything I have experienced and learnt into this guide and these bonuses.

… every step of the live one day workshop is crammed with value and knowledge.

This is why I sincerely believe that you will be 100% satisfied and nothing other than delighted with your tuition and bonuses.

So I say to you hand on heart, this is without risk to you…

… so if changing up the success in your health practice has been on your mind of late.

Give this the chance it deserves.

… I want you to be totally comfortable ordering…

… risk nothing… as long as you give it a fair try…

So there you go. It is all up to you now…

… all that’s really required for you to see life changing results in your practice is for you to take action today.

  • No more excuses
  • Get a proven results focuses framework into your hands
  • And make the decision to get started

What are you waiting for?

This is it, the opportunity for you to experience building the foundation of change in your practice.

… but I want you to hurry.

… and get in now.

This event is limited and there is only capacity for up to 100 seats.

… and given that I have already shared this to my extensive network, seats are selling up fast.

I want you with me on the inside

So secure your spot, enrol and join me on the 20th of July. You’ll be delighted you did.

Stay healthy and happy,